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Cat385 Hydr & Elec2

Left you can see a view on the first 3 tube assembled,these are the tubes for the stick cylinder,2 for the out function,1 for the ingoing function,also just like on the real machine.Right a close up of the conectors.16 December 2013:

Left you can see the studs mounted on the boom,and the tubes are also bend into shape,and assembled.Right a view on the tubes from the front.19 December 2013:

Left you can see the parts wich are going to be the studs for the extra hydraulic lines,first I took a piece of brass,milled it into the desired shape,and then I cut it into pieces.Right you see the studs after drilling the holes in them.

Above: making more dummy tube connectors.

Left you can see the parts to make the quick connectors on the stick.Right you see a stainless steel welding wire put in the connector before soldering,the solder doesn't stick on the stainless wire,so the solder cannot go into the tube and connector.

Left you can see the (soft) soldering of the parts with silver solder.

Left you can see all the hose connectors placed.Right you can see the dummy tube connector placed on the outer tube.

Left you can see on the left side of the outer tubes there is a dummy sleeve made,to imitate the welding of the 2 tubes together.On the right you can see the hose connectors placed near the stick.28 December 2013:

Left you can see that the parts are soldered together.Right you can see the assembly bolted on the stick.

Above some close-ups of the top and bottem part of the assembly.

Left : a close-up of the assembly.

Left you can see the block to where the hoses that come from the boom,are connected to,I made it in 2 pieces,so if te boom should be removed,the blocks can be seperated,so there is no need to disassemble all the hoses.Right you can see the backside of the block.

Above some views from the front,here you can see that the bottem part is made with an angle,so the quick connectors are easy to reach.13 Januari 2014:

Left you can see the o-rings in place,and 2 guiding pins,so the holes of the counterpart are positioned exactly above the o-rings.Right you can see the block assembled.

Above you can see that I shortened the tubes on the top of the sides of the arm,at the rear is done,in the front have to be done.The reason was that the flexible hose which is going to be connected to the tubes didn't come out as well,with the risk of bending,what can lead to cracking,and leaks.

Left you see puzzling out the position of the electronics,and the frame,so that there is room to construct the catwalk also.Right you can see it from the top.

Left you see the block mounted on it's frame.Right you can see the block and frame on the real machine,also you can see that there is a passage in front of the frame.

Left you see the block mounted on the A-frames.Right you can see a view from the front.

Left you can see that I also made the cover.Right you can see the cover from the back.19 March 2014:

Left you can see the main switch and the hour counter placed,later on the covers of the machine will cover them up,and they can then be reached from the top, though 2 hatches.

18 April 2014

Left you see the first parts of the oil tank soldered together.Right a view from the front,the gauge is assembled,the 3 tubes are going to the pumps inlet,the lower block is the return to the tank.