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Cat385 Hydr & Elec 6

After that it was time to get the excavator to work.It worked great right from the start,no leakages,everything works.I recorded this video with my cell phone,that's why the sound of the pump engine sounds so loud,in real life it's very silent.On this video you can see the first action ,later on the pumps and remote control unit have to be fine-tuned, but hé, it's alive.01 Februari 2015:


On the left you can see all the wiring is organized and made in place.On the right you can see that I reorganized the speed controllers and the reciever,so the servo cables can go straight in the reciever.24 Januari 2015:

Above you can see that the mid section ofthe upper structure is painted now also.

On the left you can see that also the last details are applied,thge overpressure unit is put in place and has its lettering on it,behind the cab a fire distinquiser is placed,and also a shovel and broom are placed.On the right you can see that also the warning stickers have been made, and put in place.

Above some views from the righthand side.

On the left you can see that also on the engine compartment, the warning stickers are beiing applied.On the right a total view of the excavator.

On the left you can see that I filled the tank with oil,and through the transparent hoses the oil can be observed for air bubles.On the right you can see that the gauges have been attached to the pumps,so the pressure relieve valve can be set to the desired pressure.

Above you can see and hear the model running with the modified pump drive.14 Februari 2015:

On the left you can see that I made some plugs to put on the gauge connection on the pumps,because the machine room has no more room to put extra things in .on the right you see the plugs on the pumps, so when I want the gauge connected, I remove the plug, and place the hose with the quick connector for the pressure gauge.

After a while the toothed belt slipped, this was caused by the bending of the alu plate on which the e-motor is placed.The motor is so strong that it puls itsself and the alu plate down,causing the slipping.So I took the pump unit out of the excavator, and put some sides on the alu plate, so it became more stiffness, and that worked.Right: after replacing the pumps, I had a leak on one of the suction pipes of the pump, so I replaced these through thicker brass piping and a 90 degrees elbow.

After that,it worked great for a while untill the servo's that regulate the presureless flow/pressure on started to burn, and functioned no more.So I replaced them with a servo with more torc from Hi-Tec the HS-5085MG ,and raised the Bec voltage to 6 Volts, because then the servo's give their max. torc .08 Februari 2015:

Left you can see that I replaced the toothed belt with gears, because the belt still slipped on the pulley's, these are gears from metal.On the right you see a gear that fills the gap between the pup shaft and the motor shaft, later I will replace this metal gear with a gear from special "plastic" that is wear-resistant, and also makes less noise.

On the left you can see the second gear assembled.On the right you can see the motor with gear assembled.

On the video you can see the first digging in the garden.

Above you can see that I changed the middle gear from metal to one of Polyacetal ( Pom),the result is very good,less noise from the gears.

To even get lesser noise, I changed all the metal gears for ones made of polyacetal.

Above you can hear the excavator running with the new gears,the Brushless motor now makes more noise than the gears.

Today the weather was nice, so I went into the garden for the first serious digging test.

On the left you can see that I strengthend the small gear from the motor with a piece off brass,because the set-screws were losening.

21 Februari 2015: