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Cat CT660 build 10


Next thing to do is the construction of the fiftht wheel.What I'm going to make is a heavy transport fiftht wheel,that can tilt in drive direction, but also in the side directions of the truck.

On the left you can see that I made some treathed studs on the topside of the fiftht wheel.On the right you can see that I made a base plate that's part of the whole mechanic, on on wich the top is going to be mounted on.

I took a Wedico metal fiftht wheel to start from, and put my own things to it.

On the left you can see that the surface of the fitht wheel is very rough.On the left you can see that I made the surface smooth with sanding paper.

After that it the locking mechanics are overhauld.On the left you can see the position of the lower part of the L shaped arm that didn't reach into the left side of the bottem plate.Because the trailer is going to have some weight,and loaded with my excavator on it,the lock must be able to hold 50 kg.On the right you can see that after removing some material from the notch on wich the inside of the L shaped arm is hold in place,the lower part of the arm now reaches into the left side of the bottem plate, en so makes a strong hold for the lock that you can see in the center.

To be continued.... .

On the left another view of the base plate,evrything is soldered together.On the right you can see that I also put some M2 screws in it,to make shure that the parts stay together when the fithft wheel has to take a heavy load.

On the left you can see the parts of the main bearings.On the right you can see the parts soldered together.

On the left you can see the base plate where the whole assembly is going to be put on.I did bolted it with sunken screws to the truck, and also 2 bolts of the bearing blocks go through the base plate into the chassis of the truck.

Left: Then it is time to make the middle part, on wich both axles are connected to,for the axles I use iron screws that are being made on the required length.I made some discs which will be on the end of the axles.On the tight you see the axles fitted into the discs, and finished with a plate with bolds like the real one.

Above you can see the fithft wheel after assembling all the parts together,on the right you can see that I also made the lock on the handle to prevent it from loosening during driving.

Above you can see the fithft wheel assembled on the truck.

16 Januari 2018: