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Cat under6

20 June 2013:

Left you can see the turning of the rings to fit the M3 modell bolts,i couldn't buy them,so I made them myself.Right you can see the rings placed underneath the bolts.

Above you can see some details,a grease nipple on the swing bearing,and a pocket underneath the bolts of the swing bearing,like at the real machine,wich is used the be able to reach the bolts of the swing bearing.27 june 2013:

Left you can see that the holes are drilled on the exact size of the axles.Right you see that the holes are turned out to provide a pocket for the bearings,also you see the electro motor mounted to the side,and a bearing also placed on the motor axle.

Left you can see the parts of the gear housing,in the center of the removeable side are made some guide pins.Right you can see a quick test of the right distance between the gears.

Left you see the gear on the motor axle,the little screw comes on a flat surface on the axle,but I also put a spline through the gear and the axle.Right you can see the other side of the housing,there comes a little axle wich fits into the gear of the motor,so it cannot move.

Left you see the gear housing put together.Right you see that the axle of the big gear has been provided with a key,so there can be placed a wedge in it,so the gear won't slip on the axle.

Left you can see the little sprocket wheels,that will drive the large sprocket wheel which drives the tracks,they also have a key and wedge made,so they won't slip also.Right you can see the motor frames mounted on the mid-frame,below the swing bearing,the sprocket are connected with a chain.

Left you see the weight,with wich a did the in the house test,and it works great,the machine is realy powerfull.The frame weight is 8,5 kilo at this point,the extra weight is 16 kilo's.Right you can see also a test in the sand with the extra weight,and that went geat also,power enough.05 July2013:Later on I did another test in my house with a total of 39 Kg weight,wich also gave no problem.

The only problem that occured was that one of the gearboxes I made,moved a little from it's place,causing to get some slack in the chain that drives the sprocket,so I made some extra plates,that lock the gear boxes in place,and are sitting between the gear boxes and the side of the frame.

Next thing to build are the covers to prevent dirt and sand coming in the gear and drive-chains.Left you can see the construction of the chain case from brass plate material.Right you see the sides of the motors and gears cover made from aluminium.

Left you can see that the front and backside are made also.Right you see the bottem plate,also from aluminium,this is glued in place with 2 components glue.

Left you see the covers being made for the chain cases,first I made a lttle edge,that comes into the brass chain cases.Right you can see the covers finished.

Left you can see a picture of the real machine,it has some covers,through wich the hydraulic hoses are running to the hydraulick motors,that drives the sprocket wheels.Right you can see that I did want to make this item on my model also,to get some more scale elements in it.But because I did have to make the chain cases at the same place,I did have to make a little compromise ,and made a variation of it.The weight of the machine untill this point is 9 Kilograms.

The build continues on the upper carriage page.Click on the excavator on the right to go there.