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Cat underc2

Left you see the first guide ready,and eleven to go.Right you see the track-guide how it is going to be placed on the track frame.21 Februari 2013:

Left you see the milling of one of the track guides.Right you see them all ready,the plates in front are going to be soldered on top of the track guides.

Left you see the track guides bolted to the frame.Right you see a close-up of the mounted track guides.24 Februari 2013:

Left you see the milling of the outside of the next parts,the frame extensions where the sprockets are attached to later on.Right you see the milling of the contour of the parts.

Left you see the milling of the angled side of the part.Right you see the part almost finished,only left is the rounding that has to be milled.

Above you see the milling of the round side on the turn-table.

Left you see the parts ready,and bolted to the frame,originally the parts are made hollow,to make room for the little sprocket and drive chain that drives the main sprocket,but I am going to make this on the inner outside,so I did leave them massive.Also the bearings still have to be placed,but that is a job I am going to do on the lathe.Right you can see also an improvement,I made on the inside a little strip,so there can be an extra bolt placed to keep the sprocket frame in place,original it was only bolted with the three bolts on the side.27 februari 2013:

Left you see on the frame extensions the last roller bearings and track-guides mounted.

Above you see the track-frames closed with a little piece of metal plate,that I welded on the frames.

Left you see the centering of the frame-extension,to make shure the bearings are going to be perfect in the center of the extension.Right you see the drilling of the hole,a little smaller than the real size required.

Left you see after the drilling,the hole is made to the right size on the lathe,the hole is through the extension,on the other side is going to be another bearing,so making the hole in one go,makes shure both bearings are in line with each other.Right you see the bearing fitted in the frame-extension.04 March 2013:

Left you see the parts to get the bearings fixed in the holders,2 external plates and a distance ring to keep the right distance between the bearings.Right you see the bearings placed in the holders.

Left you see the idler wheel holders,and the block to wich the spring pushes on one side,and the nut holding it in place on the other side of the block,both made from aluminium.The shaft is made from a bolt of stainless steel,from wich the head is cut off.Right you see the holders mounted in the frame.

Left you see a close-up of the assembly,by tightening or losening the nut you can adjust the tension on the tracks,the nut is temporarily,I'm gonna make one of brass that is easy to adjust with the tracks in place.Right you see the one of brass made,I made some grip on it,so it is easy to adjust.07 March 2013:

Left you see the contour made to the piece of aluminium,from wich the track carrier bearing blocks are going to be made.Right you see the seperate blocks cut from the aluminium piece.

Above you see the holes being drilled,on the right you see the blocks finished.

Left you see the block in front of a picture of the real machine,you can see clearly the bold on the side of the block on the picture,that clamps the holder on wich the roller sits.

Left you see the bearingblocks bolted on the frame.Right you see the axle fitted.08 March 2013:

Left you see the milling of the first side of the roller.Right you see the other side of the roller being finished on the lathe.

Left you see the finished rollers and axles ready to be installed.Right you see the rollers mounted on the frame.

Left you see a close-up of one of the rollers.