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Cat underc4

Left you see all the strips ready to be cut into the pieces,that will become the track-links.

Left you see the strips being cut with a saw-blade cutter for metal.Right you see the links to be, after de-burring,this is a pile of a little more than 200 pieces.02 april 2013:

Left you see that I first grind the corners off of the pieces,before milling.Right you see the milling of the pieces with a 1/4 round bit.

Left you see the 220 track-links after the milling and de-burring.Right you see the track-links of the real machine,next step is to mill the holes voor the nuts,and drill the holes for the link-pins and the screws to attach the track shoes.07 April 2013:

Left you see the drilling of the holes wich is a lot of work,first centering the 4 holes,then drilling with 3 mm drill-bit,then the inner 2 holes drilling with 4 mm drill-bit.Right you see that all the pieces are drilled and de-burred.

Left you see the drilling of the 2mm holes for the bolts to fit the shoes to the links later on.Right you see that now all the drilling is done.

Above left you see the original track,and you can see that the side of the links that sits on the wheels is a little bigger than the rest of the track-links,so that is the next step to make on the links,also the inner 2 holes need a flat surface on the inside,where the nut is going to sit,that is done with a file because with a mill-bit in there,you can't see very much anymore,on the right you see the first piece ready,now the other 219... .14 april 2013:

Left you see the flat surface added to the track links,one by one with a file.Right you see the first track-links connected together with a stainless steel bolt made from a hex. bolt,and a stainless steel bushing made on the lathe.

Left you see another view on the track-links.Right you see a bushing made out of a stainless steel rod on the lathe,still 106 pieces to make now... .21 April 2013:

Left you see the bushes ready.Right you see that I filled up one hole in some track-links with a Tig welding device,because the distance between the two holes was not good,and gave some problems with the assembly of the track-chain,after flattening the surface,the hole can be drilled again.

Left you see the track-chain assembly untill now.Right you see the chain on the frame,it looks real great.23 April 2013:

Left you see that the first track-chain is finally ready.Right you see the chain mounted on the frame.

Left you see a close-up of the outside side of the chain.Right you see the inside side of the chain,the nuts are locked with lock-tite.25 April 2013:

29 April 2013:

Left you can see that the second track-chain is finished also.

Left you see that I made the axles from stainless steel,and put M3 thread on it at one side.Right you see that I made bushes,they are going to be welded to the other side.

Left you see the axles after the welding and finishing.Right you see that I sunk the holes in the bearing blocks,so the side of the axle where the bush is welded on,is sunk in the bearing block,so it looks more like the original machine.03 May 2013:

Left you see the turning of the lower track rollers from Brass material.Right you see a roller,and aside a stainless steel bushing that is pressed in the roller,and functions as a bearing.

Left you see the rollers on one side ready.Right you see the rollers with the track chain on it.The other side is finished also,and now the frame runs smooth on the chains.14 May 2013:

Left you see the milling of the round shape of the track plate.Right you see in front of the picture on the right a prototype of the track plate,on the left the raw material where the plates are being milled from,and on the background all the plates I have to mill,100 pieces in total.

Left you see all the 100 pieces being milled,and all have the round shape on one side.Right you see the milling of one of the teeth on the top side of the plate.16 May 2013:

Left you see milling out the material between the two teeth of the track-plate.Right you see all 100 plates finished so far,in front left the proto type,on the right an unfinished track plate,still some work to do... .