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Cat upper1

On this page you can see the build of the upper-carriage and the boom,stick and buckets of the Cat 385 C LRE:

20 July 2013:

The build of the upper-carriage starts with the bottem plate,above you can see the rough aluminium plate of wich it is made.

Left you can see the milling of the slope on the backside of the plate.Right you can see the milling of the slope to one of the sides of the plate.

Left you can see the milling of the edges of the plate,to the desired size.Right you see the plate after the milling,also the frontside is milled out here.

Above you can see the bottem side of the plate,it measures 41 x 20 cm.21 July 2013:

Left you see the milling with a fly-cutter,of the outside edge of the swing-bearing,wich is going to be sunk a little in the bottem plate.Right you see the milling of the inside.

Above left you can see the original machine,in the center there is a thick metal plate used,on wich the cab and the other parts rest.On the right picture you see that the plate goes to the back of the machine.I am going o make these details also;

Left you can see that the swing bearing fits in the bottem plate,it sits 2 mm deep.

Left you can see that the middel plate has been milled out on the bottem plate.Right you can see the side of the cab,how it sits on the middel plate,just like the real machine.

Left you can see that I milled out the edge of the side,so there can be put a brass plate in,that also is going to cover the sloped sides,and the point where it is bend around,gives a nice round edge,what also is so on the real machine.25 July 2013:

Left you can see the aluminium bottem plate finished,and attached to the swing bearing,also the driver came by to see the progressing on his machine.Right you can see a top view on the bottem plate.

Left you can see on this picture of the rel machine,that on the left side bottem ,there is a hatch and a grid,behind the grid are the horns placed.On the right side you can see a light underneath the driver's cab.Right you can see that I milled out some room,on the left to make the horns behind the grid,on the right,to make room for a light .

Left you can see that the bottem plate is attached with many bolts,also you can see the ring with wich the play of the bearings can be adjusted.Also you can see here the electronics feed trough,the construction of that can be seen on the hydraulics and electronics page.Right you can see the toothed ring,the sides have to be cut of,otherwise it cannot be removed,because on the place where the ruler is,and also on the other side, are going to be frames mounted,on wich the boom is attached.02 September 2013:

Left you can see that the sides of the toothed ring are milled flat,so it can pass the sides of the a-frame,where now the ruler lies on the bottem plate.Right you see the milling of the sides of the A-frame,the 4 sides are clamped together as one piece,so they are all the same.

Left you can see the milling of the last side of the A-frames.Right you can see that the holes are drilled,so when putting the middle section between 2 plates,the distance stays the same.04 September 2013:

Left you can see that also the extra outside frame plates are milled.Right you can see the milling of the center piece of the A-frame out of aluminium.

Left you can see how the parts are going to be fitted together,now the clamp holds the parts together,but they are going to be glued and fixed with recessed bolds.

06 September 2013:

On the left you can see that the mid-section has become some holes,to reduce the weight,also the thread is made in the small holes,to assemble the sides to it.

Left you can see a close-up of the assembled frames,the extra little outside frames are welded to the main frames.Right a view of the frames on the excavator.09 September 2013:

Left you see that the weldings on the frames are futher finished,and also the pins for the cylinders and the boom are made,and the tube between the 2 frames is made from aluminium,and made hollow,to spare some weight..Right you see the tube in one of the frames.

Left you can see the finished frames on the machine.

Left you see that my first idea to use 2 swing motors is not working out,they are simply to high according to the real machine,they should not come above the tube between the frames.Right you see how I am going to make it instead,the motor lying down between the frames.


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