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Cat upper13


Above you can see that I made some company logo's on the excavator .To see the machine finished and in action on video, go to the hydraulic pages HERE.

On the left you can see that the inspection and maintenance hatches are made also, with the logo of Verachterd on them.On the right you can see the hatch assembled.21 November 2014:

In the same time the Rc control unit has arrived, and with the reciever comes a seperat antenna, wich should be placed outside the metal housing of the upper structure.So I made a hole in the lower part of the upper structure, so the antenna appears trough it. On the right you can see a fresh air over- pressure unit ,I am going to construct it also, and it will be placed over the antenna, so the antenna is nicely covered then.22 November 2014:

On the left you can see the over pressure unit made from plastic sheet, the locking handles are made from thin copper wire.On the right you can see the unit after painting it.

On the left you can see the unit placed on the machine, after the plate work of the machine is painted,the unit is going to be glued in place.

07 Oktober 2015: