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Cat upper2

12 September 2013:The sides of the bottemplate are going to be made of 1 mm brass plate.

Left you can see that I first bolted the brass plates to the bottem plate.Right you can see the brass plates,after they are bend in the desired angle.

Left you can see the brass plates bolted and glued to the bottemplate.The corners are soldered,before the paint is added,the bolts are going to be filled with a filler.

Left you can see how it looks on the machine,and the details added on the front-side..Right you can see the backside,the bottem of the counterweight.

Left you can see a hatch,wich I engraved in the brass,also the holes are drilled and threaded on the sides,on wich later on come the supports of the catwalk.On the topside are the holes made,in wich are pins to be placed that keep the upper structure in place,later on.Right you can see the details of the frontside.

Left you can see the details on the frontside below the driver's cabine,where a ligh is going to be placed.Right you can see a detail on the side below the driver's cabine.04 Oktober 2013:Next is the making of the swing-gear assembly,I made it on a base plate,so for maintenance ,the complete assembly can easy be taken out of the excavator.

Left you can see the drawing I first made of the gearbox and the first milled piece.Right you can see the bearings are put in place,and also the big gears and the axles are prepared with a key way.

Left you see the front side of the gear box.Right you see the back side of the gear box,the little gears are fixed to the axle with a little hex bold,and a spline wich is put in a hole that I drilled through the axle.

Left you can see the finishing of the last part of the assembly.

Left a top view on the assembly,Right a view from the side.

Above you can see the assembly mounted in the machine,I've tested it with a power supply,and it works great! .05 Oktober 2013:

Above a video of the excavator,controlled with the remote radio control.14 Oktober 2013:

Left you can see the front cover that I made,to cover up the electrical feed-through,and the swing gears.

Left you see the covers in place.Right you can see that I milled out a canal,where a o-ring can be fitted,so no dirt can pass through.

Left a view from the front on the covers and the dummy swing drives.Right a view from above.

Left a close-up of the front dummy- swing drive,the wire with the ring on it represents the oil-dipstick..Right a close-up of the rear dummy-swing drive,on both drives there will be added some hoses,after painting, on the copper wires behind the nuts.23 Oktober 2013:

Left you see the start of the first part of the boom, first the block aluminium is milled to the right size.Right you can see that the holes are drilled,and the outside is already being milled,and now the inside is roughly milled out.

Left you can see the milling of the inside to the exact size.Right you can see the milling of the round shape on the inside with a bore-head.

Left you can see the milling of the angle to one side of the piece.Right you can see the milling of the round ends on the turn-table.

Left you can see that the part is finished,also made some bronze bearing bushings.Right you can see the part assembled on the excavator.25 Oktober 2013:

Above you can see that the under carriage and the bottem plate of the upper carriage and the A-frames are painted,because the work on them is finished.