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Cat upper3

Left you can see in the middle between the boom cylinders a little block with two holes and some tubes attached at the bottem,this is a device to lubricate the swing bearing on both sides and on the backsides.Right you can see the tube on the right hand side on the swing bearing.

Left you can see the front side on my model,where I also added the lubricate device.Right you can see one of the tubes on one of the sides of the swing bearing on my model.

Left you can see that I also made these in my model.Right you can see it from the outside.31 Oktober 2013:

Left you can see on the left hand side of the upper carriage,behind the gitter that there are some round objects behind it.I think that these are the horns.

Left you can see the milling of the stick- side of the boom.Right you can see the part finished so far,only the inside of the fork needs a slope,but that is done when de top part of the stick is ready,and the right size can be measured.

Left you see the bucket end of the stick finished.

10 November 2013:

Left you can see that I put two flat pieces of aluminium together,to have the right size material to make the top part of the stick from.Right you can see the part finished after the milling.The holes are drilled to relief the weight.

Left you can see the sides of the boom and stick,cut out of aluminium sheet 2 mm strong

Left you can see that the sides of the boom are fixed to the massive parts.Right you can see the total length of the boom and stick,with the bucket I have a reach of 1 mtr,measured from the swing bearing centre.13 November 2013:

Left you can see the boom and stick so far.Right you can see a close-up of the cylinder attachment.

Above you can see the stick assembled together,in the middle I made an extra support to make it more stiffer.19 November 2013:

Left you can see the boom and stick bolted and glued together,and the bolts on the sides are covered with a special aluminium filler.Right you can see that the top and bottem plates are assembled.

Left you see another picture of the boom and stick.The weight of the boom is 3 Kg,without the cylinders it is 2,5 Kg.Right you can see a close-up of the boom and stick ,to imitate the weldings between the sides and the top and bottem plates,I added 2 component glue.

Above on the left you can see on the inside of the boom that I also imitate the construction of the boom,by adding the round plate inside of the boom.On the Right you can see how it looks on the real machine.24 November 2013:

Left you can see the connection of the boom cylinder with the boom,there is a 8 mm rod that goes through th boom,the ends have thread in it,so the brass end pieces kan be boldted to the rod like a bolt,because the brass ends have thread on it on the inside.The M2 bolts are to imitate the real connection,as it is at the real machine.Also you see the weldings imitated with 2 Components glue.

Left you can see the connections pins on the boom and the stick.Right you see the bronze bushings in the stick,where the rod are going to be fit o connect the bucket and the connecting plates.03 December 2013:

Left you can see all the parts for the power linkage connection to the cylinder and the bucket.Right a close-up of the parts.

Left you can see the end-plates welded to the rods,and mounted.Right you can see the other side of the rods,where the dishes are assembled on the rods.

08 December 2013:

Left you see a front view of the power linkage,I also made the grease holes in there.

Left you can see,as it is on the real machine, the grease central block on the lower part of the boom,from which the grease points on the higher parts of the boom can be greased. Right you can see where the higher grease points are on the boom,the ends of the boom cylinders rod on the boom,and the stick- cylinder connection on the top of the boom.

Left you can see the central grease block on the stick,so the higher parts on the stick can be greased easy.Right you can see the higher grease lines on the stick.