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Cat upper4

13 December 2013:Now I'm going to make the hydraulic lines,you can see that on the hydraulics and electronics page.20Januari 2014:Before going further,first I am going to give the RC components its place,so the wires are out of the way while building on the machine.

Left you see the first step,located the spot and made some brackets.Right you can see a view from the top,there is room between the rc components and the connector block,just like the real machine,there is the catwalk going to be placed.

Above some pictures of the catwalk on the real machine.

Left you can see the construction of the catwalk,at the real machine there are bumps made on the plate,so I made a punching tool,to punch the plate in the exact way .Also you can see some little plates welded on the inside,these hold the bolds that are sunk in the plate.Right you can see the plate from the top side.

Left you can see a top view of the catwalk construction on the real machine.Right you can see the plate an the frame where it's mounted on,painted and placed in my model.

Left you can see the components put in place.Right you can see that there is going to be a fan placed,that's going to cool a radiator that cools the hydraulic oil.28 Januari 2014:Next object to construct is the quick coupler.

Left : the coupler is not drawn in the original plans of Bauplanmaster,so I searched the internet for pictures.I came across the website of Verachterd in Holland,and found some exploded views.Together with some pictures I made the drawings to work from.Right you can see the center piece drawn on a piece of aluminium.

Above you can see some pictures of the real one.

Left you can see the sides placed together with the center piece.Right you can see the pin-bushings made of two parts,after welding the holes are going to be drilled to the right size.

Left you can see the sides,they are made of 3 mm steel plate.Right you can see milling the shape of the sides.

Left you can see the sides after the welding.Also the locks for the pins have been welded on,and the holes are drilled to the right size.Right you can see the three parts together.30 Januari 2014:

Above you can see that I made the connecting pins.On one side there are the plates that fit in the locks,on the other side the plates with the bolts.Also the connecting pins of the bucket are made to the right size,and the side plates are bolted to the mid-section,later on the bolts are finished further.

Left you can see the start of the making of the lift hook,out of metal.Right you can see the hook finished,the lock plate is moveable,and spring loaded.

Left you can see the parts that I made, to construct the cylinder.The piston diameter is 8 mm and 5 mm long.The cylinder tube is 31 mm long and 9 mm in diameter.Right you can see the parts soldered together.

Left you can see the copper tubes feed through the assembly to the outside,where later on the hose connectors are going to be mounted.Right you can see the cylinder front plate sunk in the aluminium mid- section.

Left you can see the hook bolted on to the asembly.Right you can see that I also made the logo of the original manufacturer on the bucket pins,like it is as on the drawing.09 Februari 2014:

Left you can see the hose-connectors in place,and a side-view on the wedge,wich has a slight angel made on the ends of the rod.

Left you can see the front end of the cylinder,with the o-rings and stop-bolt.Right you can see that the wedge is made and assembled to the coupler.

Left a view of the cylinder and springs.Right a view from above.

Above you see the quick coupler assembled to the stick of the excavator,and you can see how the hydraulic hose is connected,and how it runs in a smooth curl.

16 Februari 2014:Time to construct the buckets.

Left you can see the milling of 4 adaptor plates in one go.Right you can see the finished plates,they are made of 3 mm steel plate.