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Cat upper6

08 March 2014:

Above you can see that the buckets have a ID tag made on it,so one can always see where the tool is coming from etc. .I also want to make these on my buckets .

Left you can see the milling of the inside of the tag holders.Right you can see the making of the "windows" of the tag holder from a piece of clear plastic from a blister package.

Left you see the tekst that I printed on paper,after that the paper is wetted with 10 sec. glue,to make it resistant to water.Right you can see the paper cut out,and glued in to the tag holder.

Left you can see the tag holders glued with 2 components metal glue on the buckets.Right you can see a close-up of it.

Above the tag holders on the buckets and ripper.

Left you can see the tag holder on the skeleton bucket.Right you see the tag on the quick coupler.15 March 2014:

Left ypu can see the weight in the bucket,it is 2,5 Kg,a full bucket of wet earth is 1,2 Kg,so there will be a little over-capacity.Right you see the metal plate placed on the back of the excavator,exact the wright weight.

Left you can see that I fixed the boom in a certain streched position,and placed some weight in the bucket,to figure out the exact weight for the the counter weight,so the excavator doesn't tip over.

Left you can see the metal plate cut into pieces,to construcht the counter weight.Right you can see that the pieces are prepared with angled sides,to make the welding easier.

Above you see after the welding,on the right hand side there is made a cut-out with the milling machine.

Left you see the counter weight looking great already.Right you can see that like the original one,I made a detachable plate on wich the Cat logo is going to be painted.

Left you see the pins on the bottem plate,that are going to hold the counterweight in it's place.Right you can see the counterweight placed.

Left you can see the top side of the counterweight,there is a flat square cut- out,where later on the dummy liting device is going to be.Right you can see what I mean,on the backside is a custom made device ,so the machine can lift the counterweight by it's own.

Left a view on the right hand side.

Left you see me repeating the test with the weight in the bucket,and it's ok.The counterweight weighs 4 Kg,and the battery weighs 2 kg,so total counterweight is 5 Kg.Right a view on the machine from the back.19 March 2014:

Left you can see a top view from the device.Right you can see a close-up of the locking pins,with the safety pins also placed.26 March 2014:

Left you can see the lifting device on the back of the excavator,to make my model more real,I am going to make the top part of the lifting device on the counter weight.

Left you can see that I made a vertical edge around the holes,so no water can come in the compartment,like on the real machine.Right you can see the punching of the brass plate,to imitate the anti-slip profile which is on the covers.

Left you can see the covers on the battery and storage case,I like to make all the details also on my model,wich you can see below.

Left you can see one of the covers ready.Right you can see that the covers are in place,and the details are made also.You can see in the middel the holder on which a lock can be placed,the handles and the quick locks made out of rubber plate.

Left you can see that the covers are made moveable,by applying a hinge on the inside,so I can reach the main switch and hour counter of the machine.Right you can see a close-up from the side.