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Cat upper7

28 March 2014:

Left you can see that I finished the details on this part of the machine.Right a close-up of the stairway.

28 March 2014:

Left a close up of the frontside of the stairway steps,with the anti-slip profile on it,also a view on the mirror holder.Right a view on the front side of the mirror.

Left you can see that I made the mirror out of stainless steel,and polished it to get it shining.Right a view of the total part with the driver on it,he's happy with it.15 April 2014:Now it is time to construct the hydraulic oil tank.

Left : to make a oil level gauge,I need to make some special nuts with thread in it all the way.So first I made some regular nuts,and soldered a plate on them,wich is later made further in form on the lathe.Right you can see the gauge ready,wit the special made nuts the o-ring gets some pressure to make sure it is leak-free.

Left you see the first parts of the oil tank soldered together.Right a view from the front,the gauge is assembled,the 3 tubes are going to the pumps inlet,the lower block is the return to the tank.

Left a sideview.Right a view from the bottem,the plates with the bended fixing holes ,that are bolted to the tank, are being used to fix the tank to the upper machine bottem.

Above you can see that the tank has it's front and backside added,and is placed on the machine to get an idea how it looks.

18 April 2014

Left you see the parts of the fill cap,inside I make an air filter on the tank,so only clean air can enter the tank,and the tank can breathe through the filter.Right you can see the parts soldered together.

Left you can see the gasoline fill cap with lock.

Left you can see the inspection lids that are going to placed on both the tanks,also some little details for the hydraulic tank.Right you can see that the parts are soldered on the tank.

Above you can see the tanks on the real machine.

Above you can see the tanks on my model.

Above you can see some close-ups of the tanks.07 May 2014:

Above you can see the oil filters attached to the rear of the tank,the next thing I'm going to construct.

Left you can see the line for the fuel level detection fitted,like it is on the real machine.

Left: first I'm making some ribs with the milling machine on a square piece of brass,this will become the tops of the filter housings.Right you see all the parts ready for soldering together.

Above you see the filters ready,and glued with 2 K glue on the tank.Also fitted are the ribs on the long vertical part of the filters from 1 mm brass wire,and the little bolts M1.2 ,they are glued with 10 sec. glue.

Left you can see the holder from the back,the hole in the plate is to provide the wiring to the led's after the parts are painted.right you can see a view from the front.

Left you can see how it looks on the upper carriage of the excavator.

15 May 2014:

Left you can see that I milled from brass the light holders,on the background you can see a picture of the real ones.Right you can see that the back covers are made,and the bars in front to protect the lights are also placed.

Above you can see how I attach the holders to the boom,on the boom there is made a stud with thread on it,on the right you see that in the holders is made some space,so there can the nut be added,and the holder can be tightened to the boom.