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Cat upper8

18 May 2014:

While waiting on the hydraulic components,I started with building more details,the alk on both sides of the machine.Above you see some pictures of the catwalk on the real machine.

Left you see the pieces that will become the studs cut out of 0.7 brass sheet .Right you can see the studs bent into the desired shape.

Above you can see the plate that is the actual catwalk,on the original one are squere holes pressed from the backside,and the burrs on top serve as an anti-slip feature.To make squere holes was not possible at this scale,so I made them 1.5 mm round,and drilled them from the back,so the burrs on my model became the anti-slip feature as wel.

Left you see the studs placed on the side of the upper-carriage,and the first support beam soldered in place. Right you can see the catwalk plate soldered to the studs,and the front end finished.

Above you can see a view from the top and from the side.

Left you see the step and the handle wich are underneath the cabin.Right you a view from below,here you can see that in the middle of the catwalk plate also a beam is placed,like on the real machine.22 May 2014:

Left you can see the drilling of the holes in the brass sheet,while it is clamped in place on a piece of wood.right you can see the driver's site is ready.

Above you can see some pictures of the catwalk on the real machine.

Left you can see a close-up of the catwalk.

Left you can see a view on the painted catwalk on the oil- and gasoline tanks site.Right you can see the painted catwalk on the driver's site.

left you can see that I made the frame of the cabin,the bottem plate is made removeable,so the interior can be made outside the cabin.On the right you see the frame on the excavator.

Left you can see a close up of the catwalk,and you can see clearly that I made the same pattern of the holes as on the real machine.

02 June 2014:

The puppet didn't have a cap,so I made one myself.On the left you see that I made a frame from thin brass plate.On the right you can see that I covered the frame with cloth,the letters are made of paper,first wetted with super glue,and painted after drying of the glue.

Left you can see that I made the pedals out of black pvc,also carved them to make them look like real.

Above you can see the puppet on the seat and all the details,the seat is made of gray pvc,on the floor is placed a thin layer of real rubber.

On the left you can see the ignition key with key label.on the right you can see the pedals and the rubber floor.

Above a front view on the cab,here you can see the windscreen wiper,and the studs to hold the prtection gitter when the excavator is put at work in demolition

Left you can see the inscription on the side of the seat,and the airco unit at the back of the seat.On the right you can see a view of the real machine.

Left you see the interior placed in the frame.Right you can see the assembly placed on the excavator.07 June 2014:


Left you see that the cab get it's form now the sheet metal is put in place.Right you can see the holder for the door,bij putting in a piece of rubber,it works like the real one.

left you can see how the pin of the door gets in the holder.Right you can see a eye-shadow box ,wich has a tiny mirror inside,it could be removed,so I am going to use that to construct the mirror on the cab.

Left you can see the mirror,also you can see here the handles near the front- windshield on the inside,and the bushes on the door,that can hold the protection covers of the cab.Right you can see more details,on the back of the cab,near the driver,a hook to hang up his coat,and also a handle.