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Cat upper9

Above some side-views.


Above some views of the cab on the excavator.18 June 2014:

On the left you can see the stickers on the window.On the right you can see that I also made an interior light,and above the rear window you can see the console with the radio and speakers.

To keep the door closed,I made a working lock on it.On the left you can see the outside of the lock.On the right you can see the mechanism of the lock.

On the left you can see that I made a cover to protect the lock mechanism.Right you see the console with the radio and speakers,that wil be placed above the rear window of the cabine.

Left you see that I made also an interior light.Right you can see that I also made the console on the right side of the driver's seat ,and the display with console both are enlightened with small led's, and are going to be connected to the main power of the model,so when switching the model on,the led's will be powered.21 June2014:

To meet the safety regulations,the driver became a safety jacket, that I made from a real safety jacket,so the stripes do reflect in the dark.

Left you can see that the cab is provided with safety grilles,so the excavator can work in a demolition environment also.

Left you can see the construction of the lamp holders,they are made from thin metal sheet.Right you can see the construction of the led holders,that fit in the lamp holders from the back,so when a led is broken,it can be easy replaced.

Left you can see the construction of the holder for the flashing light ( Pistenking).On the right you see it finished and placed on the cab.

Left you can see the lamp holders placed on the roof grille,when it is painted,the led will be placed,and the glass in the lamp holder will be placed then also.On the right you can see a overview of the cab .

Left you can see the cab placed on the excavator.

25 June 2014:

Left you can see the cab and the gitter is painted.

Left you can see the window rubbber,originaly it has an H shape,but I couldn't get the windows placed in that way,so I cut a piece of the rubber,so now it has an h shape,and in that way the windows can easy be installed.Right you can see one of the window ,with the rubber glued to it,and ready for installing.

For that I was lucky to have found the safety manual of the 385 on the internet,and so I made my own decals ,as you can see on the left.On the right you can see the decals placed on the window.

On the real machine there are transparent stickers placed on the right hand window,so I like to make them also.

Above yoy can see the window placed in the cabine,and see also the decals on the window.

Above yoy can see the connection of the wires to the light on the Roof gitter,and to the blinking light.To be able to take the gitter of the cabine for repair or so,I made a connector from a little pcb connector.

On the left you can see these connectors,they come in small size,which I used here,and a little bigger size.On the right you can see the connector finished,and the roof gitter ready to be assembled.26 June 2014:

Today the ordered window rubber came in with the mail,so I could place the last windows in the door,totally I used 1.25 mtr window rubber.

On the left you can see the bigger pcb connectors that I am going to use to make the main connection to the cabine,I soldered the connector to a little piece of pcb,so I could attach the connector with some screws to the rear of the driver's seat.On the right you can see all wires soldered in place,and the connector is placed also.

Above you can see the cab from different angles.