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Left you see the next milling step,removing the material on the other side of the tooth.Right you see the milling of a round shape to one end of the track plate.

Left you see all the track plates ready so far.Right you see a side-view of the trackplate,the round shape at the right side can be seen here.19 May 2013:

Left you see milling out of the backside of the plates.Right you see all the plates finished.

Left you see the drilling of the center hole in the plates.Right you see all the plates finished again.

Left you see the final drilling of the plates;the holes for the bolts to bolt the plates to the chain.Right you see the M2 bolts,they are longer dan needed,so with the dremel a litle piece is cut of,as you can see at the three bolts in front of the picture.Before cutting the bolt,I put a nut on it,and after cutting,the nut is turned of the bolt,and so the thread is restored.

Left you see the template that I made,and clamped into the vice.With this template I can force with a piece of metal and a hammer the backside of the plates in the shape of the template wich has a radius of 20 mm.Right you see the plates having the round shape after hammering.

Left you can see the round shape of the backside of the plate.Right you see the first 10 trackplates bolted to the chain.

Left you can clearly see the bolts and nuts that keeps the plates to the chains,the bolts are M2 size,but where a bit to long,so all the bolts are being made shorter with the Dremel with a grinding disk.Right you see another close-up.23 May 2013:

Above you see the first track completely finished,with the sigaret lighter you can see how big the machine is.02 June 2013:

Above you can see that the second track is finished also.06 June 2013:

Left you can see that I welded the shoes to the track chain on the inside,so I won't have to be afraid that the M2 bolts will come lose when there comes some force on the tracks.Right you see that a changed the stainless bearing with a bronze bearing bush on the track rollers.

On the left you see the drawings I made of the swing bearing,the original one from the build-plan wasn't like the real one,it came far over the tracks,and the real one doesn't,so I designed my own swing bearing.Above on the right you can see the raw material from which I am going to make the swing bearing,the center piece is going to be made of steel,the outside of aluminium.

Left you see the 2 parts of the center spill before they are welded together.Right you see the center spill after the welding,and touch-up on the lathe.

Left you see that the ring has a pocket on the insde,so it will be in center on the spill.

Left you can see the top ring,which locks the 2 bearings in place,and on top you see a collar,which is made to center the toothed ring.Right you can see the toothed ring on top of the spill.09 june 2013:

Left you can see the top ring,which locks the 2 bearings in place,and on top you see a collar,which is made to center the toothed ring.Right you can see the toothed ring on top of the spill.09 june 2013:

Left you can see that I made a 0.2 mm thin ring,which comes between the two roller bearings,so the play of the bearings will be gone.Right you see the top ring of the spill,this pulls the center rings of the roller bearings together,and this also functions to adjust the play when needed

Left you can see the outer rings turned on the lathe.Right you can see how the toothed ring is sitting in the top outer ring.

Left you can see that the second bearing has been put into place,and the small ring on the spill can be placed,o lock up the bearings,and the second outer ring can be placed also.Right you can see that after the outer rings are placed,the toothed ring is placed.

Left you can see that after the 40 holes are drilled,the M3 thread is put into the holes,40 times ! .Right you can see the assembly of the lower outer ring and the first bearing,on top of the bearing comes the thin ring.

Left you can see a bottem view of the swing bearing assembly,not all the bolts are placed yet,because the top ring will be needed to have more holes drilled,when the base plate of the upper frame has been made,so it will be taken apart then.Right you can see the swing bearing fitted on the lower chassis.