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Something about myself :I am Charlotte Mijnders, I worked as equipment technician at a big company in shifts.Due to my work,I did have several technical courses. My job was to maintain and solve problems on the company's production machines .On 01 Oktober 2014 I started at a new Job,at a beverage can production plant,as operator/technician.On 01 March 2018 I started at a new job at Nooteboom Special Trailers in Wijchen.I work there in the production facility of the Smart Trailers in the assembly line.In my youth I started playing guitar at the age of 15 ,and stopped with that at the age of 22,and now some decades later I started playing again in 2003,and started building guitars in 2005. Later on I bought some tube-amps and started with doing some modifications on them,which I like doing also .Due to Job change in 2014 ,I started with the build of the excavator model,to get the metal working skills fine tuned,and after that I'm addicted to model building and continued building my next models..... .Have fun exploring my site.

Project I'm working on : 1:16 Remote Controlled model Cat CT660 Heavey Transport Truck with Palfinger crane and Nooteboom Pendel X trailer made from scratch ( last updated 21 September 2018 )Older project: 1:16 Remote Controlled model of a Cat 385C LRE Excavator made from scratch.To see the build of the models,check it out by clicking on the model name in the menu on the left. Exhibition pages updated 29 May 2017Video's ( updated 24 September 2017 )

Welcome to my website

In Memoriam: Gary Moore.

* 4 April 1952 -- + 6 February 2011

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