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Mars amp mods 2

Left you see the resistor R96 removed,and wires put in place.Right; there was not much room for the capacitor around the pot.,so I attached that,everything good isolated of course,with ty-raps to the cables .

continue of 3rd stage bias mod.

Above you see the front panel of the Jvm with the new pot.How does it sounds? Awsome,you can get a real bite out of that tube,more raw and old school Marshall ,esspecially with the -ve fb and choke mod the beast is complete.With the cap added you get more mid sound like Casey already said,together with my Lp and SD slash Pickups you can nail Slashes sound realy close when the capacitor ( #34/AFD) is switched in.

04 May 2014:

Above left you can see the power section of my Jvm410 Amp,the 2 capacitors next to the white resistor are going to be replaced by lower values,also the resistor is going to be replaced with a choke 10 H.Right:In the proces of removing one of the capacitors,the pcb trace was damaged a little,so it would not be reliable to let it stay that way.The trace is glued with 10 sec. glue to keep it in place.

Left you see the backside of the pcb,there I made an extra connection with copper wire,between the points where the pcb trace on the other side goes to,so the connection is 100 % reliable again.right you can see the new capacitors inplace,and where the resistor was,are now the wires from the choke.