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Marshall Divo inst

What is the Divo system?Orange Amps presents DIVO with TubeSync Technology. DIVO helps increase the life of your tubes, protects against unexpected tube failure, and even allows for (4) different tube types to be installed in the same amp.DIVO will also come pre-installed on select Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII heads. The OV4 stand-alone unit can be installed on almost any amp that has (4) power tube slots.There is also a version for use with (2) power tube slots.Orange Divo TubeSync is a new component that overcomes many of the problems associated with conventional tube amplification. It addresses these problems without changing the fundamental tube amplification process, hence the resulting sound output still exhibits that pure analogue magic. TubeSync can be easily integrated into almost any guitar tube amplifier. Eliminates the need for bias current matching of amplifier output tubes.Eliminates the need to purchase tubes in ‘matched pairs’ and replaces conventional biasing components.Automatically micro-adjusts the bias on each tube to ensure the full potential of each tube in the system is realised throughout its working life.Replaces conventional tube testing methods by performing an ‘in circuit’ test every time the amplifier is powered up. If TubeSync® detects a faulty tube, it can automatically 'switch out' the offending tube and run the amp at half power,(4 power tube amp only) until the defective tube can be replaced.Dynamically measures the amplitude of the drive signals supplied to the grids of each output tube and optimises performance accordinglyMaintains the classic warm sound of the amplifier by ensuring tubes distort symmetrically.Reduces quiescent power consumption when compared to conventional amplifier biasing techniques by an average of 20%.TubeSync knows the optimum operating temperature of your tubes, so there is no need to warm up your amp. TubeSync will get you to where you need to be just as soon as you start playing. Capability to switch out a pair of tubes to run the amp at half power (100 w heads). Each time half power is selected each pair of tubes will be alternated to ' share the wear'With a footswitch you can switch between pairs of tubes (100 w heads),by example 1 pair EL34's and 1 pair 6550's.A qualified technician can configure custom bias settings with a pc program and an interface.At this time, April 2014, a self -fit kit is also available.Here under you see some pictures of the 2-tube version of the Divo.

On this page you can see the Orange Divo system installed in my Marshall Jvm's.

Left you see the package with the Divo.Right you see the Divo with the interceptors and the mounting bracket.

Above you see the interceptors,the outside is of plastic,the inside is a ceramic material.

Left you see the side of the Divo where the pc can be connected to the interface,also the footswitch can there be plugged in.Right you see the connector of the interceptors,and also on this side the switches for half power mode and custom bias setting.

Left you see the top side of the Divo,where the fault led's are placed.Right you see the supplied bracket on the Divo.01 June 2012:

Left you see the Divo fitted on my Jvm205H ,with a home made bracket,wich clamps from both sides on the case of the Divo,and so it has a much furmer fit.Right you see the interceptors plugged in position.

Left you see an overview of the whole system.

Left you see the interceptors fitted on my Jvm210H,also I did chose for 2 pairs of different tubes,a set of EL34's ( orig.Marshall ,so Svetlana) and a set of 6550's ( Sovtek),so I can use the option of the Divo to switch between the pairs,or use them all together.Right you see an overview of the system in the JVM 210.

Left you see that I made a hole in the gitter of the backside,to be able to plug in the footswitch in the Divo.

Left you see the Divo in the Jvm205HRight you see the Divo in the Jvm210H,trough the gitter I can reach the switches on the Divo with a small screwdriver.26-06-2012:

There was a little issue with the Orange FS-1 footswitch that you see above,the led did lit when all tubes where switched on,but the function of the led should be,according to the manual:Led off ; all tubes onLed slow flashing:tubes 1 and 4 onLed fast flashing : tubes 3 and 4 on.Led continuely on : fault indication,check leds on the Divo box.

Left: the original mounting of the led in the footswitch.Right: the "modification" of the footswitch.I took the footswitch apart,and found out on the pcb,that the ring of the stereo jack plug wasn't used,and in the 2 tube mode ,I measured some voltage on it,also was on the pcb printed where a resister should be for the use with the Divo.The voltage was low enough to drive a led without a resistor,so I mounted a high power red coloured led,and put a wire between the point of the resistor.So now the led works as it should do,as described above.28 June 2012:In a couple months there is software coming available,that makes it possible for the end-user of the Divo,to change the bias setting within safe limits.When it is available I am going to buy it,of course it would be nice to monitor the bias settings of the Divo in an easy way,without having the fuzz of getting the tubes out,putting a probe in,tube back in place etc. .There is a solution for that:on the video below you see Doug Doppler with an Orange amp,divo equiped and with a read-out device on top of the amp.

You see a close-up of the device at 1' 25" . So I made this device also to fit my Jvm210H with the Divo,on the next page you can see the build of it.