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Marshall Footswitch mod

Left you see the original footswitch.Right you see the actual switches in the footswitch.

On this page you can see the JVM footswitch modification .

After looking at and comparing the schematics of the Jvm210 and Jvm410,it seems that the footswitch pcb's are the same,and on the 210 pcb are all the components installed,as found out after opening the switch,except for the extra 2 leds for the 2 extra channels on the 410,and the 2 extra switches of course.So I powered the amp up,and did an experiment with a jumper wire on the connections at the pcb,where in the 410 -footswitch the "extra"switches are connected,and guess what,it worked like the other switches,channel "scroll" switching and channel switching.So I decided to extend my footswitch with 2 more switches.

Left you see the switch of the footswich:the spring pushes on the switch on the pcb.Right you see the main pcb.The left wire of the connector is the common wire for all the switches,the 2 empty places in the connector is where the new switches are going to be connected.

Left you see the bottem plate attached to the original footswitch,and mounted in there the new switches on a pcb.Right you see the topside of the attachment mounted,and the wires coming trough on the right ,ready for connection to the backside of the main pcb.

Left you see the common wire of the new switches soldered to the backside of the switches pcb.Right you see the other wires of the new switches soldered to the main pcb.

Left you see the frontside of the main pcb and the wires of the new switches attached. Right you see the result,the new switch is ready for testing.

Above you see the switch painted,only thing left to do is to re-number the switches.