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Marshall Midi programming

Left: connect a Midi cable to the Marshall Midi in.Right: connect the other end of the Midi cable to the Nova system Midi out.

On this page you can see the JVM Midi programming.

I made a little Tutorial of this.Here it goes:

Left: connect the send and return cables on the Marshall,set the mix on wet and the switch on +4 db.Right: connect the other ends of the cables to the line input (from Marshall send) and left output (from Marshall return) on the Nova system.Original the Jvm is midi programmed fot channel 1,if you get no reaction from the Marshall after programming,you have to reset it,according to the manual of the Marshall.The Nova system has to be on Midi channel 1.On the Nova ; push the Menu button,then go to the midi setup,go to the midi channel,and make sure it is set on 1.Programming the midi:

First push your channel buttons how you want them to be set ( green/orange/red) and push the effectloops button on,and master and reverb as you wish.

Left: select the bank on the Nova system and make sure the channel you want the Marshall to relate to,is not on.Right:push the footswitch/midi program button on the Marshall once,it start to burn red,push the button again and it starts flashing.

Push the button on the Nova you want the Marshall to relate to,

Then you see that the footswitch/midi button on the Marshall is off,and your are ready.To check it,switch another button on the Nova,not the one you programmed,and switch back to see if the Marshall reacts on the Nova switch you just pushed.So you can program now al your banks and channels of the banks with your Marshall.Have fun with it,and keep on rocking !What about connecting two amps to the Nova system,without changing cables?

Left you see a little box that I made, you can buy these from aluminium,so if you connect this to earth,the box protects your connections against hum etc. .On the left of the box is the input from the nova send and return,these are connected to the center of the 2 position dpdt switch.In the center I made some cables coming from one outer side of the switch,going to one amp.On the right there are two inputs,connected to the other side of the switch,going to the second amp.I only use one amp at a time,so I switch between the amps,and so I don't need to switch cables between the amp.For the guitar input I made a little aluminium box with 3 Jack inputs on it,which are all connected to one another,1 cable in 2 cables out to both the amps.Right you see the midi solutions quadra trough,the input is connected to the nova midi out ( black cable),on the other side are the two cables going to the amps ( the red and gold connector),so now you can switch bove amps with the nova system,without having to change cables from one amp to the other.