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Marshall Tubes

On this page you can see the tubes that I use in my Marshall JVM's.

JVM210HThis is my first tube amp I bought,Jvm210H 100 watts.I bought it new.

Left You see the power supply part of the main pcb.Right you see the power transformer.

Left you the part of the pcb where the power tubes are,at the side of the white resistors.Right you see the middle part of the pcb.

Left you see the output transformer.Right you see the little reverb pcb that sits on top of the main pcb.

Above you see the original Marshall tubes.

Left you see all the power tubes.Right you see the Sovtek 6550.With the divo I can switch between the pairs,but also use them all together.The 6550 sound realy good,thight lows and low-mids and beautifull highs.Together with the EL34's the sound is awsome,realy punchy and from good lows to great mids en highs.21 Oktober 2012:

Aboveyou see an experiment,I placed an Electro Harmonix EL34 in the amp,so now there are a Marshall (Svetlana) El34 ,2 6550's,EH EL34.I like it very much,it makes the sound a little creamier and bluesier with the EH EL34.April 2014:

Above you see the tube lay-out according to the Marshall JVM manual,with my description of the tubes I use,I will use these numbers.

My first tube roll,was changing V6 and V7 with EH12AX7 tubes.In position V6 I placed a EH12AX7 V1,this tubes gives less noise and microphonics.With these tubes the Jvm sounds more Blusier and warmer.

JVM 410HThis is my third tube amp I bought,Jvm 410H 100 watts.I bought it new,and traded in my Jvm 205 H.04 May 2014:

Today I was going to mod.the amp,so first took some picutures of the inside.

I performed the choke mod on the amp,left you can see the new capacitors ( the little ones) and the wires that are leading to the choke.Also performed the -ve feedback and plexi mod.more pictures coming soon.